The origins of Cherubino Valsangiacomo date back to 1831, in Switzerland. When Vittore Valsangiacomo founded a winery under his name in Chiasso in the Swiss canton of Ticino next to the Italian border. It was the first family winery.

At the end of the 19th century, his son Cherubino Valsangiacomo decided to open a wine export company in Valencia and Alicante, since he was attracted by the logistic position of Valencia an Alicante ports and the excellent grapes of this land. Like his father, Cherubino gave his name to the wineries. In 1890 the business became so important that Cherubino Valsagiacomo open winery facilities in Chiva, Requena, Utiel, Monóvar, Yecla and in El Grao de Valencia, that became the company headquarters until 1997. That year, Cherubino made a commitment to future and quality and moved to Chiva, whose facilities provide the appropriate means for the treatment and storage of bulk wines and grape juice concentrated. In 2002 the wineries were extended and modernized, and a new plant and bottling line were created. These introduced the best conditions and the most modern techniques for quality control in the production of our wines. This plant has a cellar with a storage capacity for 2,000 barrels.

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In 2008 started with the bobal deSanJuan project for 100% bobal wines fermented and matured in raw concrete tanks. Together with the 10 hectares of a singular and centennial vineyard.

Today, the fifth generation of the Valsangiacomo family is in charge of management of the winery, demonstrating our commitment to the future and the development of the winery.


We produce wines under the DOP Valencia and Utiel Requena, Varietal Certified, and Organic wines.

We worked under the quality standards of the Global Food Standard since 2004, the BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification for quality. This regulatory certificate is revised annually by external inspectors who certify our winery and help us to improve our quality standards day by day.

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Headquarters, winery and grape juice concentrated.


White wine winery.


100% red & rose bobal winery.
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